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-you must be used to me cryin...

if a boy tells you he wants to be friendsa after a nasty break up... you should believe him rite? NOPE. dont. i heard on the news today about a big shooting in germany. its really sad, i guess 18 people were hurt or something, a bunch killed. i didnt get the story down to specifics but its a tragedy and my heart goes out to the people there. of course, there has to be a scapegoat to every problem rite? so in the paper i guess they said 'the american epedemic has spread overseas' meaning its all our fault or somethin stupid like that. we cant help that there are wacked out chill'ns livin in our society, but to say its an american epidemic is kinda harsh. what about the violence that rocks the other countries of the world? do we call that an iraqi epidemic or a south african epidemic. nope. i dunno. sometimes its hard lovin your country so much, and then havin to take the hits when it gets some smack talk. oh well...

and the whole thing about left eye really upset me. then i hear on the news that there was an explosion in new york and some undergroud boiler errupted and more people were hurt.geez! can that city ever get a break!! i feel horrible for new yorkers. i want to live there so bad.the city lifestyle is really cool, and i love the whole nonchalant, get the fuck outta my way yet fuggedaboutit additude that new yorkers have and i just really wanna live there. i always have. my parents tell me im stupid, that i eiter have to live in a dump or an overpriced apt, but i dont care. i love the big apple.
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