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we have capt testing tomorrow and im getting so overwhelmed. i really dont want to do it, and in my school, its an exit exam so if i flunk my math [which is likely] i have to take remedial hours afterschool which sucks. school was good though. i have no homework so im not complaining. in science me meech stef and jess talked the whole time and in lunch i had some laffs with ry stef gi and lissa. then afterschool kar called me and was endlessly complaining about life. she started tellin me all this crap about people she hates and ppl she'd wanna kill. im like okay can u not tell me your hit list? shes not like that at all, but i just didnt want her to sit and bitch. life is so short i see no reason in spending time hating. then she told me not to tell my other friend that i was on the phone with, cuz shes like 'i just need to vent my anger so i called you.' she really isnt a bad friend and i know she cares about me, but she just walks all over me. she puts on this front like shes tough shit and inside shes a little kid. me her and liss walked to tanning and i got some color ;] then we went into the dollar store and were goofin around and i bought some chapstick. then coming out i saw shorty and was like yoo i really have feelings for this kid. lately hes been a dick and doesnt talk to me anymore. fuck that. i always listened to his problems and i thought we were good friends. oh well. so he was goin to his car and it began to mist out and i just waved and he said hi and then as we were *walking* home he drove by really fast. fuckhead. stupid scumbag ass. he didnt even offer a ride. oh well. hearts break and life goes on. i always say that but i doubt i mean it.

<3 two loves
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