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see sawww

ive had an intresting week, and yesterday i had my flute lesson and i did terrible. i went to dinner with em and nicky and then we came back and had our group. oh johnny boy looked studly ;]and i went home and was checkin all my grades and had a heart attack when i realized i didnt make honors last marking perioid last year. i spazzed. im not getting into nyu and i got so mad i whiped out a calculator and found out my total grades and what i need to do to get better grades. a 4.0 cant be too hard with my braindead assholes that i have for teachers.

today was capt again and i had a nice cup of coffee in the morning and thought i was gonna be all energetic. i sat next to ____* [i love him, hes censcored]and we talked and i think we flirted and he kept smiling and i basically melted. hes gorgeous. and smart, atletic, funny... sweet. oh hes so sweet. i heart him. and want to beat his gf. bitch. so i took my test and was chillen with stef li and mandee. then later i had lunch and it was okay, kinda boring. i went home and applied to work at 2 restrauntes and went tanning. i need a boyfriend sooo bad. i keep thinkig of that all the time now, its so distracting. i called kar and we talked for a few and now im chillen online talking to people. i have no plans for the weekend. its a sad thing. and im nervous for my audition on saturday. eek.
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