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everyones a critic...

my mom is cooking perogies upstairs and they smell soooo good. this week has been crazy! i dont even know where it went.

monday - capt was over and im now rejoicing!! im so happy,that was the most tiring, hard week of my school life. i taught on monday night and then came home and watched tv and that was it. nothing great happened in school. except a food fight. but i walked away from it without getting fries in my hair.

tues- i had drivers ed. and it was another waste of my time. its the lesson on drunk driving. its like 'how many shots of parrot bay can you consume and still be able to make a sharp right hand turn?' the answer :for me, 3. just kiddin. heh. no, drinking and driving is the dumbest, most asshole-ish thing you could possibly do. and i would never. ever. ever. after d.ed. we went to the lacrosse game. we lost.

weds.-had a great day in school.. it was the first day of sex ed in health and my teacher wrote the word 'penis' on the board. then he asked us to go up and write a slang for it. cock, dick, flesh rocket, wanker, mokey, one eyed monster.. yeah they were all on the board. then we had 'vagina.' pussy...seaworld [that grossed me out] vertical smile...bush, wonder down under..twat.. oh, there were thousands. then we went on to 'sexual intercourse' and i added beastin it, along with the other terms people put, like doin the nasty, tap that ass, bang, screw... it was *fantastic.* by the end of the class i was on my knees thankin jesus that i was still a virgin. then i went home, went for a walk, did some homework, and went to my flute lesson where everyone said i looked orange ;[ ok they might as well told me a 1000 times that i looked like shit. but im over it. my lesson was good and my piece is really comin along. i cant wait to start rehearsing for allstate. i got a gross iced coffee at dunkins and was really dissapointed.nothing can top my coolata. aight.. moving on..

today nothing happened in math. i kinda understand this square root stuff my teacher is showing us. its about nomials or something. or quadratics? i have no clue. but its factoring and im not doing too bad. kar was really upset about jon all day so i tried to cheer her up. i made plans with stef and gina and ry to get our posters done for student elections, cuz im running for secretary. *woop woop* its scandalous. our class doesnt do shit, and we really wanna get things goin on it. im thinking teachers in dunking booths, talent shows, car washes, field trips, and for once, a formal homecoming. yep. i haveeee ideas. aight. so it was another intresting health class, i got a b on my pop quiz in science, and bre got mad at me for the first time today. it was stupid shit, but i apologized. its a long story. we're friends now. but she was mad... in italian i took another test and i had a boring lunch. i have to play at the honor society induction tonight at 6. hurray. and then tomorrow i am supposed to be going out with jess and some boys. and now im gonna take a showw-ah. byez ;]
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