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you dont have to call... actually.. yes you do!! aww you son of a bitch you didnt call!!

that gorgeous, beautiful boy didnt call! im so pissed! i wanted him to call me and i waited all weekend and then a weird cell phone called me this afternoon but it was only ann. they wanted to see if i wanted to go play some beach volleyball and i should ahve gone and said yes but i felt really shitty andi had the worst cramps ever. the parade was okay, i was sweating so bad cuz it was really humid out. alot of people came to see. my grandparents came over and we were having a cookout but i didnt feel great and went to sleep. i took like a 4 hour nap and now i wont sleep tonight. tomorrow are speeches and im really nervoous. im dressing up too, i just reminded myself. and ...

happy birthday emmie! i <3 u!! *16*

okay! its her bday and i wanted to announce it cuz shes mah girl. i feel like shit still and these motrins arent working properly. everyone did stuff today except for me and i wish i went out. and i think kar went out last night and shes gone out every night this week and continues to not invite me along. shes a great friend, aint she?

well kids its time for another pill. i hate womanly problems. especially on a monday.

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