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thats what friends are for

she said thank you. i love her.

im talking about my long time friend andrea. if you know anything about me, you know andrea and i have played with barbies together, learned about boys together, and grown up together. we were kindergarten cuties and had sleepovers, used to make fun of eachother, she used to tease me all the time and write all over my journals in school. she even went as far as playing mean tricks on me. even though i was a foot taller than her. my dad used to say 'sometimes people smaller than you try to bring you down beacuse they dont like being small.' and i used to cry how angie teased me and she made fun of my earrings. and then shed invite me over to make smores or eat pizza. we went through elementary school all together and she got mad at me when i found the new girl at school was my best friend, and she wrote a really mean letter to her in 5th grade saying how she didnt like her beacuse shes so mean to be my friend. i know angies family. i know every detail of her life. through middle school she got a little more popular and we didnt hang out as much. now we're in high school and we're really close and have classes together. through it all, though, we've always been friends. my mom always said andrea was a true friend and to never let her go. i didnt have to, cuz whenever we parted our ways we always came back to being just us friends. my mom is a great judge of character.

ang has had her fair share of boyfriends. shes gorgeous, italian, dark hair and a perfect thin figure. shes a soccer superstar and smart as hell. i sometimes get real jealous of her, and then stop beacuse i know you shouldnt be jealous of your friends. anyways, she always complains to me about boys and it bugs me sometimes cuz i just wish i had a boy to complain about. she and her long time boyfriend just broke up and shes forever crying about it and is always in such a bad mood. i slap myself now for all the times ive talked bad about her. just recently she was in the hospital for some stomach problem and me and meech were the first to call the hospital and make sure she was okay. mom was on the phone with the florist ready to send flowers, and i was prepared to learn my drivers ed lesson for her too. see, we're even getting our licenses together. i, until now, have never realized what this girl means to me.

ang has been talkin about this wonderful kid she met for days now. he lives in a mansion, drives a mustang, is super polite, smart, and classy just like her. but i was the only one she told. and she told me this, too. shes like i cant tell anyone else but you. and i felt really cool because that means she trusts me, alot. tonight she was going out with him and called me up half crying tellin me how nervous she was and how excited and she didnt know what to wear and i made her change and wear a halter cuz i knew her sandals and a shortsleeved polo was not date attire, and she hung up with me begging that she could call me when she got home, knowing it would be late. i said ok, and figured i would be up. she called me about a half hour ago and asked me if she could tell me the story blow by blow. she told me everything he did, said, what she ate at the restraunt, about his friends and their yachts and how they talked about baseball and school and relationships and my darling annie is now in heaven with this fella and he took her heart away. shes so happy, and because shes happy, i honestly feel happy for her. i was like awww, and im so happy for you, and thats so great, and lalala. but i meant it, maybe for the first time. and i told her how i was a little upset one of my friends is trying to get with the kid i have been crushing on all year, and me and him just started talking in school and stuff. this is the size 0 girl who has a wardrobe the size of texas and ang could tell her i was upset and shes like ;why would he go for her, youre 10 times prettier, shut up.; and she just said some really nice things that made me feel a little better.

and then she said she was tired and was going to bed. and i told her i was happy she had a great night and id see her at church in the morning and before we hung up, my alltime favorite girl said 'and thanks for listening, ash. really, thanks. goodnight.'

her thank you meant so much to me at that moment. i dont know why, but i felt liek she poured her heart out to me and she really appreciated my listening. no one has ever said thanks for listening to me. it was just so... nice.

and that is why im going to go to bed tonight, with a smile on my face.

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