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what an eventful day. first off i was lucky enough to wake up on time, had my coffee, got all dressed up thinking i was supposed to for the awards ceremony today. but i didnt. oh well. i still looked kinda springy. in the morning i went to math. i got an a+ on one test and an f on the other. how? im not sure. then i got a c. which is write smack dab in the middle. superb. i was so pissed. i said to my teacher "a two out of twenty? thats, thats .. an f?" and she got all pissy and was like "yes." okay. not like im learning in this class anyways! ok so then i went to the ceremony with manda. and we all sat in out seats and the principal got on and yada yada. his cell phone went off in the middle of it, and hes like 'excuse me'. this administration has got to go. cept the assistant principal, shes coo ;] then they messed up peoples names a trillion times and skipped all people who got awards too. i got an english achievement award and they were giving out cords and whatnot. it was kinda nice. i think something like 150 kids got awards. we're not all dummies i suppose. afterwards i went to class and took a science test. the final is including the midterm which is b.s. um.. i had a pretty decent rest of the day. we played cards in history and im like "____ ya wanna play?" [to my crush] and hes like "nah." stupid jerk. i won a game of crazy eights and then we played 32 and gin. afterwards i went to italian and arthur taught me how to play setback, and at lunch i played with gina, stef and mike. i was mikes partner and i felt so bad cuz i sucked ;] then in band we got yelled at some more for not being the best and i came home and it was ww3 in my house cuz my bro got in trouble. i got the job at the supermarcato!! ah, i dont want it. i mean i do, but i dont know. id like a nicer job. but its my first, so i dont care. i make something like 6.75/hr. which isnt bad. i picked all my classes for next year. a basic level science [its sad] an honors english and ap history. its us history again but im excited cuz its so simple. today i have to turn in my working papers, get ryann a present and go to her damn party. me and her barely talk cuz shes too cool for me, but i guess she has no real friends so she had no one else to invite. so sad. shes been nice to me lately though. i guess imma hypocrite. well, atleast im not drunk.

<3 peach
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