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my family is so annoying

first i babysat last night and the kids were being little fuckers. granted they're my cousins and i should love them regardless, they are assholes and a pain in the ass to babysit. the 12 year old calls everyone a gay mother fucker and likes to chase his brother around with a paint scraper. the 10 year old likes to run around after having milk poured on him calling everyone a homo, and screams he's blind. then the 15 year old, yes 15, because he cant be trusted to watch the other menaces to society, calls his little brothers bastards and hits them while jumping on them and wrestling. i love this damn family and i only got $30.

today i ate breakfast early and went tanning. it felt so nice, cuz i havent gone in a while. then ash and i went to the gym. i ran for like 14 mins and it came out to be about a mile or something. i wanted to collapse. it was sooo tiring and i was sweating and my face was burning. then i did 300 crunches and her mom came to pick us up. i wanted to pass out. afterwards i went home and helped my parents paint and my brother got into another fight with my dad, and then they became 'pals' again and for god sakes his the picture perfect son again. we went out to dinner and i guess it was ok. just that my brother and grandfather are annoying as hell and make stupid comments and some people in my family have no manners and my gramma is bitchy and grrr. i am so full and that makes me feel fat. and im tired as fuck and i have a stuffy nose and everything so im not feeling that great and havent for the past week. wednesday starts finals i think and im not excited. monday [tomorrow] i start mah job. im pretty sure i get paid for training but no one told me, so.. i dunno. erf well im going to bed or to poke my eye out or something. ttyl <333
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