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good mornin'

rise and f'n shine. yesterday was my almost last day of finals. hurray. i was the first in my class to finish my damn health final, and it was easy as pie. then in science i used my notes *thoroughly* and i think i got an a. i better. i stayed up half the night trying to cram everything i've learned this year into that college-ruled paper. um... so after finals i went home. stephy brought me. and then i ate a lil lunch and my mama and i went to the mall so i could get my eyebrows done. the lady made them so thin & took out the arch so i look like i have 2 straight lines for eyebrows. wtf? i was so mad. i cried. my eyebrows are one thing i like about myself, and she messed um up pretty terribly. i went to the drug store and got some hott pink nailpolish, and a nail file, some new clear lipgloss from cover girl and a curling iron. i tried to curl my hair for work but its too thick and i couldnt do it. then i did my nails and toes, got dressed and went. i was workin wit sherry and we had a lotta laughs. some lady came in and i accidently scanned her stop & shop card and it came up as an $83 lasanga. wtf? i was like "im sooo sorry." and i voided it. afterwards i laughed cuz that was so strange. i got off at 8 and went home. no one was around, cuz i called. i went online, had some ice cream [dumb] and figured out my finances. then i went to bed. kar called me at like 1045 but i was sleeping and only woke up to hear her say 'call me back ash' and thats it. i have to go to the gym, call my student, make plans for tonight, vacuum, dust and clean my room. better get goin ;]

*your one and only dollface thuqq*
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