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i can be your.. fantasy

josh* imed me last night and i totally blew him off because i dont need his guilt trips or i miss yous because basically, its not a mututal thang. i did nothing again yesterday, i layed out and called meech. called kar, jess and wanted to go to the rec with jess but she had a graduation party and lovely kar and everyone went out last night without me. i went to work and it was pretty fun. this girl steph and i , who danced with me when i was like 9, worked together and she was so sweet ;] she kept bagging for me and helping me out. we had alotta laughs and im really happy im making friends at work. of course, because im the new bitch i get to work the night of our fireworks, AND 1-6 on america's july 4th. wtf? not cool, not at all. i can't complain cuz i get paid time and a half, which is $9 an hour. so imma keep this big mouth of mine shut and take my money. im gonna make around 120 this week and i picked out the car i want. its a 99 maxima, and its hott. my mom wants me to get a new car. i told her if she pays for it, i won't oblige. so i came home from work around 830 and my brother was missing. he said he was gonna be at a friends house and wasnt there so i charged down the street in boots and my adams name tag and tried finding the punk. he came home a little while later thinking it was no biggie. great kid. kar was like 'we're going out with chris and them.. you can come but we dont know where we're going yet.. we might be at the beach or this kids house. ill call you.' never called. or someone was onlien and it never got through. so i sat home. i watched friday night standup on comedy central and allowed myself to laugh. whenever im watching something funny, for some reason, i never laugh. i dont know why, i just dont. its like i feel stupid or something. but i sat and honestly laughed at the antics and jokes and stuff and it was refreshing. i was acutally having a good time watching tv on a friday night. imma be alrite <3
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