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respect yourself.

f is for the fatties that be wearin my shit

and when i shake it, i rock your world
you oughta died and went to heaven
im a fatty girl

hehe gotta get a lil ludy in there. today was not bad at all, not bad. this morning kar missed the bus so i had my laugh of the day. yup. then bre and i went to get her a yrbook this morning. they came out sorta shitty. i mean, theyre not too organized but the covers really phat and i like the lettering for the pages that say 'seniors, juniors, etc.' they put pics that were faded in it and it looks phat. they have like 0 pics though in the rest of the book, and got no one to advertise in the book. the teacher advisor's wife has cancer so i guess he was out alot when she was sick. i took some pics of everyone this mornin and me and amanda walked into first about 4 mins late and we rushed to do the damn test. i dont think i did that terrible, but i know i didnt get the last part of it correct. math is hard. then in english we finished caesar. the rest of the day was good. i got another award too, in history this time. i guess they forgot to give it to me or suttin at the ceremony. hmph. i was happy! that makes *2* to put on my college shit. i mean, its real important to me that i get recognized for trying hard, and im all about the college apps. i wanna make mine look hot as hell in a thunderstorm. then later on i took a pic wit my favorite shorty ;] i love him so much. art and i played cards in italian and i have to write a paper tonight. then i went to lovely lunch and watched everyone else play cards. we practiced for the concert tomorrow in band and it looks good. its so sad cuz our teacher has been teaching for 39 years and hes retiring. hes a great guy and instills so much pride + dedication in all of us. we have so much love + respect for him, so imma cry when he goes. i need to study for gosh damn finals and have work at 5. im getting excited. peace yo. <33 love ya much
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