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i dont see you, anymore...

today, for the first time was eventful. last night i wanted to cry cuz i had nothing to do and it bothered me dearly. i called annie and she was so .. different. its like she wants me to think shes cool or something. i told her something and ten mins later she purposely repeated it + brought it up so that her other friend who was over could hear it, ask questions.. blah blah. i've been her friend since kindergarten and we'll always be amiches. but sometimes it makes me wonder how much my friends really care about me + eachother.

i talked to amanda last night and we were chatting about why i wish i had a bf, and her controlling yet sweet as suga boytoy, who does everything for her and dedicates himself to her. she said she missed hangin with us and wanted to chill. so this afternoon i went to her house + we swam and stuff, but then her bf came and they were chillen and i felt like 3rd wheel + she had to get ready for a dentist appt. so we didnt do that much hangin. i actually spent more time playin candy land wit her lil sis.

her mom brought me home, and i ate lunch and called lissa. i dropped the cd i made for her + calling card at her house and she invited me over for later. i called kar too and she was a lil miffed i went to amandas cuz thats her ass buddy and she was goin to the carnival tonight. so was the rest of the world, but i would have rather gone to lissas. and thats what i did. we hung out and her boyfriend came over and i helped her pack. imma miss her so much, but its only 8 days and i think i can manage. then i came home and jess called me to say bye, cuz shes going too. half the band is, except for me of course. damn yearly tours. if only i hadnt had a sweet 16..

im really gonna miss my girls when i leave cuz the ones goin are my true chix. i love um. i have to work tomorrow and im gonna be hellapissed if kar + crew get waaasted and fck up my meeting them at the beach for fireworks. i will be sooo mad. i dont know how imma get home from um either, i wish i droveee.

well its off to bed for me.
<3 smooches from a hooch
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