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ashabella's Journal

24 March
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my name is ashley, im sweet sixteen & i love boys. people suck but i get over it. i love music, having fun, shopping and friends. i have greenish eyes and light brown hair and straight teeth. i hate fake, slutty girls and girls who think they're the shiznit. i talk like im a ghettofabuloso from brooklyn but im just a girly girl from the city. im a primadonna deep down but to everyone else im just a pushover crackhead. i dont smoke. i dont shoot up. and i dont snort. thats just queer. im a good kid & i can be really funny. i like getting my nails done, english, anything italian, wearing eyeshadow, sleeping and reading. i hate math and i suck at it and i hate people who are obsessed with teeny booper shit. i idolize billy joel alicia keyes mariah carey the beatles & frank sinatra. i wish i could drive, i will go to college after i graduate and im going to live in nyc. i love roses and wear glasses. im not phony but if i dont like you, you might never find out. i wish i played piano. sometimes i can be a slacker and if theres one thing i can change about myself, it would be my weight. i have class & think fran dreshcer is one of the coolest people alive. wine coolers and bacardi are fantastic but vodka burns my throat. but i think drinking is stupid so i dont do it anymore. not like i ever really did.. but im a teenager so anyways. im a sweetheart.

*sometimes life isnt fair
the ones you thought loved you
never really cared
you want to just walk away from all this
you feel like theirs always
something you missed
the smiles fade just like the light
and you know you cant win
without a fight
because life is a struggle and may not seem true
but you can overcome it
if you live life for you*

you look at me and see the girl
who lives inside the golden world
but dont believe
thats all their is to see
you'll never know the real me

she smiles through a thousand tears
and harbors adolescent fears
she dreams of all
that she could never be
and hides herself inside of me

80's music, abercrombie, adam sandlar, alicia keys, allure, american eagle, angels, anything new york, aol, bach, bands, bbmak, beach, billy joel, billy madison, blink 182, boogie boaring, booties, boston public, boutiques, boy bands, boyfriends, boys, breakfast at tiffanys, broadway, brooklyn, brunettes, bsb, bubble baths, cappuchino, cellies, christmas, city life, classy people, clean clothes, clubbin, coconuts, coffee coolatas, comedy, comfy clothes, contempo casual, cosmo, cotton candy, dancing, dating, daydreams, dieting, dinner, dismissed, disney movies, dreams, eminem, european accents, eyeshadow, faith hill, fashion, flirting, football players, frank sinatra, french manicures, friends (the people), friends (the show), girls night out, glitter, god, gum, hairspray, having fun, hearts, hiphop, hugging, italian boys, italianess, jiggaz, journals, julia roberts, kids, kisses, laughing, lfo, lipgloss, livejournal, loud music, loudness, love, madd tv, madonna, male models, malls, manicures, mariah carey, marilyn monroe, mascara, memories, movies, mozzarella sticks, mtv, music, nelly, nsync, old movies, opera, partying, pasta, peanut m&ms, perms, photos, piano, pina coladas, pink, planes, playing flute, playing pool, plays, pop, pretty woman, rain, rap, rock n roll, rockstars, roses, school, shoes, shopping, singing, skating, stars, sweet november, talkin, tanning, tea, tears, teen people, the beatles, the breakfast club, the sun, the sweetest thing, the tropics, thunderstorms, vanilla shampoo, west side story, wildness, will & grace, xoxo